Ever wanted to earn your way to the top of the underground vermin and insect food chain? Then try out WORM-X today and control the depths of the earth!!



 - A/D to turn Left/Right

 - W to move forward.


Windows Desktop Download Available



Mia Kellett: Gameplay programmer

Alfie Elliot: Game Designer - https://alfie-e.itch.io/

Krista Kaizner: 2D Artist

Thomas Hall: 2D Artist and Sound Designer


WormXDesktopBuildv0.4.zip 29 MB


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The Art Was So Cute. One think I think would be better if added, when ever We collect that green balls if there was bar or something which shows current progress (level) then it would feel more Visible.

once again Game was Nice and the  Music was also good

Thanks for the feedback, definitely needs an xp progress bar. Was one of the things we did want to add but got sidetracked fixing other issues in the game. 

Thanks for playing!! We're glad you enjoyed it :)


Cool game guys! Tidy controls and cool art style.

Thank you! Appreciate it alot