Post Jam Update 1

Been a while since the jam but the team has some more free time to update this so here are the changes we've made so far:

Bug Fixes

  • Death animation only happens once.
  • Running animation has been fixed to loop correctly.

Gameplay changes.

  • Arrows now fire at a radius around the player's current position on the screen to effectively "track" the player without it feeling too unnatural.
    • The radius decreases as the player get stronger through upgrades to make it even harder.
    • The fire rate of the arrows also increases as the player gets stronger!
  • The stamina system has been completely overhauled so that stamina is now required to move left/right to "dodge" the arrows instead of steadily going down as the character moves towards the end of the level.
    • The stamina bar recharges when the player stops dodging.
  • An indicator of where the player is in the level has been placed at the bottom of the UI to let the player know how far along they are and how far they have till the end.

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Feb 13, 2022

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